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Integrated Science is divided into lessons, a midterm exam, and a final exam that is done online.  Your grade each quarter will be figured out by me and will include the grades you get on your completed lessons, any major assignments, and any major projects done.


Below are the links for each lesson.  After you finish a lesson, there will be a link for your end-of-lesson test.  After you finish the test, come back to this page to start the next lesson.  Make sure you pass the end-of-lesson test before going on to the next lesson so you can get credit for the finished lesson.




Online Integrated Science Glossary



Lesson 7: Sound

Vocabulary 7

Submission 7


Lesson 8: Light

Vocabulary 8

Submission 8


Lesson 9: Electricity & Magnetism

Vocabulary 9

Submission 9


Lesson 10: Heat & Temperature

Vocabulary 10

Submission 10

  Lesson 11: The Earth Vocabulary 11 Submission 11
  Lesson 12: Astronomy