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Lesson 11 - The Earth


This lesson is set up a bit differently from your other lessons.  There is not one single lesson page that you take all of the information off of with one submission and one vocabulary quiz.  This lesson has several parts.


Part I:

The first part is called the Integrated Science Web Project.  You will fill out a worksheet based on information you gather from the following link:  Web Project.  This needs to be turned in to me when you finish with it.  (See me for worksheet.)


Part II:

In this part, you will do the traditional submission and vocabulary work.  You will find the lesson information at the following link:  Lesson 11.  Make sure you define the vocabulary words before you take the vocabulary quiz.  These words must be turned in before I will count the quiz score. 


Submission 11

Vocabulary 11


Part III:

In this part, you will do a power point presentation on one of two plate boundaries - transform or convergent.  You will find the information to do the power point at the following link:  Tectonic Plate Boundary Project.  You will need to put the power point on my flash drive when you are finished so I can grade it.