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Lab 2: Density of a Liquid

Lab Activity
Density of a Liquid



  • Develop skills using a balance and pipet
  • Calculate the density of water based on data collected
  • Develop graphing skills


  • water
  • graduated plastic dropping pipet (a medicine dropper may be used)
  • balance and mass set
  • small cup or plastic container
  • 10-mL graduated cylinder


  • No hazardous materials are associated with this lab.


  1. Find the mass of the plastic cup.
  2. Enter the mass in the text box below. Format your answer using the table as an example.
  3. Add 10 drops of water to the cup slowly and carefully.
  4. Copy the data table below into your notebook.
  5. Enter the mass in the data table in your notebook.
  6. Add 10 more drops of water to the container, hold the dropper vertically.
  7. Continue this process until you have added 100 drops to the container and have filled each of the grids on the data table.
  8. Repeat the process for Trial 2.




                                                                                Trial 1                                         Trial 2

                                                                              Mass (g)                                    Mass (g)

dry container



container and 10 drop



container and 20 drops



container and 30 drops



container and 40 drops



container and 50 drops



container and 60 drops



container and 70 drops



container and 80 drops



container and 90 drops



container and 100 drops